still shopping for an inflatable kayak

The Adventure Blog:

… found an interesting article over at WideWorld in which the British online magazine lists their top picks for the 10 best inflatable canoes and kayaks with some interesting recommendations for those that don’t have the space to store a hard shell or a rack for the roof of their car. …

read more – Ten Best Inflatable Canoes and Kayaks

The Best Budget Model jumped out at me:

Rugged enough to traverse the entire length of the Amazon river twice, Sevylor’s classic Tahiti K79 two-person inflatable canoe comes in bright yellow. Produced since 1963, it features an I-beam floor for extra buoyancy, drain hole with plug, Boston valves, bow and stern spray decks, and specially designed inflatable seats with back support.



Length overall (LOA): 10 feet, 7 inches
Beam: 2 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 25 pounds
Capacity: 2 persons
Weight capacity: 400 pounds


Only $100, … but 25lbs is too heavy for a solo trip.

This BOAT would be good for a 2 person paddle + hike adventure, though.

Leave a comment if you have a solo kayak model you recommend. Lighter than 25lbs.

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