TSA Confiscated My TINY Pocketknife

I’d made dozens of flights with a tiny Swiss Army knife in my carry-on without a problem.

But flying out of Vegas, the TSA told me that NONE were allowed — not even those with blades no longer than 2.36 inches long and no wider than 1/2 inch.

Those were allowed at one time but are not in USA 2023.

items confiscated at Calgary Airport

related – Flying with a Camping Stove in your carry-on luggage.

Many have had clean camping stoves confiscated from their personal luggage.

I put my pot in one carry-on bag. The tiny screw-in stove part mixed in with other small electronics and metal pieces in another bag.

So far that’s worked for me. I don’t check luggage for a hiking trip unless absolutely necessary.

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