Carly Hiked the Vancouver Island Trail


Approximately 800km / 500miles

She saw no other hikers outside the 2 provincial parks.

There are multiple route options, but here’s the gist.

Carly Wiechnik:

The two higher elevation mountainous sections, the Beauforts and Strathcona, can be snow covered until the end of June, and snow can begin to fall again around the month of October.

A thru-hike might take a month (fast) to six weeks (slower), which can easily fit into the window of July-September.

The best month to hike would probably be August, as by then the snow is mostly gone in the higher elevations, precipitation is low and it is warm and dry. (However, campfire bans are common around this time to prevent wildfires). Coastal trails are also less muddy. …

Resupply: A cool thing about the VIT is that it goes straight through towns at reasonable intervals, so it’s easy to hit up a grocery store every 3-6 days …

Vancouver Island Trail: Recap (and Tips!)

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