Mainland Egypt’s 1st Long-distance Hike

The 170-km Red Sea Mountain Trail (RSMT) is touted to be the “first long-distance hiking trail in mainland Egypt and the sister project of the award-winning Sinai Trail“.

Of course walking pilgrimage in Egypt has been a tradition for thousands of year.

Connecting a series of ancient trade, travel, smuggling and shepherd routes into a single trail for modern times it is a 170km path taking most hikers 10 days to complete.

Created by Bedouin of the Maaza tribe – who manage the trail today on behalf of the wider Bedouin community – the Red Sea Mountain Trail gives a way into one of the most untrodden, little-known and beautiful wildernesses in the Middle East and perhaps the world.

From vast desert plains to deep gorges and high summits and from crumbling Roman towns to prehistoric rock art and chapels of Egypt’s Desert Fathers, the trail shows the best of the region’s inimitable beauty and seeks to open new kind of tourism that truly benefits its communities.

official website

You can explore the RSMT by clicking through the 10 days of a Virtual Thru Hike.

Or watch a short video on CNN.

It looks great.

We’ve added both the RSMT and the Sinai Trail to our list of the best hikes in Africa.

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