hike Tonquin Valley, Jasper National Park

  • LENGTH: 27 miles / 44 km (approx.)
  • DURATION: 2-3 days
  • TYPE: One-way
  • START: Astoria Creek trailhead
  • FINISH: Portal Creek trailhead
  • BEST TIME: Mid-August to mid-September

One Canadian Rockies hike I’ve not yet done is Tonquin Valley. It sounds excellent.

Ultimate Gear Lists has a great write-up:

The main Tonquin Valley route is a 27 mile (44 km) relocation hike, taking you from the Astoria Creek Trailhead to the Portal Creek Trailhead, or vice-versa. …

From late-August and into September there are generally no mosquitoes left, and the Tonquin Valley can be a far more peaceful place because of it.

Late-August or early-September is a beautiful time to visit the Tonquin Valley. Nonetheless, be aware that temperatures can begin to drop by early September, so pack accordingly. Be prepared for cold overnight temps (e.g. near freezing) and potentially even snow (although snow can happen any time of year in the Canadian Rockies!).


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