The Great Divide Trail is TOUGH

  • snow
  • river crossings
  • wet feet
  • weather
  • permits
  • campsite reservations
  • resupply

The Great Divide Trail traverses the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia, wandering through the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for more than 1100 kilometres. …

The Great Divide Trail is not officially signed and not always even an actual trail, sometimes merely a wilderness route, inspiring modern-day adventurers to walk the same paths of the original explorers to the area. A journey on the Great Divide Trail promises to be demanding but on the GDT you’ll discover a definitive wilderness experience in one of the most magnificent settings on Earth.

Great Divide Trail Association

Click PLAY or watch some of the challenges on YouTube. (2014)

Still interested?

Why Not and Lady on a Rock are doing it. Grizzlies? What Grizzlies?

Start here – Off to Canada’s Great Divide Trail (July 1, 2018). Click through for day-by-day trip reports.

related – Advice To Future GDTers

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