‘Otter Voice Notes’ app on the Trail

I’m trying this free audio transcription app. Highly rated, it seems to work well.

I’ll take voice notes on the trail. And later — back connected to the internet — those will be transcribed to text for possible use in my trip report.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

2 Replies to “‘Otter Voice Notes’ app on the Trail”

  1. Otter Voice Notes is a smart note-taking app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations (in English only). It records and transcribes your meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important conversations, so you easily find and share information that is otherwise missed or forgotten. Within minutes, Otter creates a searchable transcript with synched audio, photos, speakers, and keywords. Download the free app for iOS and Android, or sign up for free at otter.ai.

    What the media are saying about Otter:
    7 Best Apps of 2018 – Mashable
    100 Best Android Apps of 2018 – PCMag
    “Arguably one of the most important breakthroughs announced at Mobile World Congress 2018.” – ZDNet
    “Brings voice transcripts into the AI age.” – CNET
    “Designed to be able to understand and capture long-form conversations that take place between multiple people.” – TechCrunch

  2. When videographers and digital court reporters use Otter.ai, realtime deposition and courtroom transcription is easy, no need for a steno court reporter.

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