first time hiking Norway

I’m brainstorming a trip for summer 2018.

I could rent a car and do this loop. Vehicle and fuel would be expensive, but I’d camp most nights.

That gets me to Skjeggedal, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), Rondane National Park, Hardangervidda National Park … as well as the scenic Atlantic Road driving tour.

Leave a comment if you have advice.

2 Replies to “first time hiking Norway”

  1. Hi. I did a similar trip some years ago. I don’t know how much time you have but prepare for longer travel journeys than google maps tells you. Sometimes you will need to take a ferry to cross a fjord and that means waiting in line for your turn. Also if it starts falling heavy rain traffic gets slower. There’s a lot of campervans doing that circuit in summer. And some roads are narrow. With all this said do it! I love Norway. Was in Lofoten 3 years ago (a “bit” further north) in winter and want to go back to hike in spring or end of summer because nature there is just stunning and surreal. Good luck!

  2. Hey Rick,

    If you have a good amount of time (at least 2 weeks), I’d recommend to head up to the Lofoten Islands (like Ricardo mentioned above) instead of a road trip. There is much less crowds and a pretty cool multiday backpacking routes that include peaks, lakes, and camping on beaches. You’d also be able to catch the midnight sun in the summertime. We were up there at the end of the summer last year for a week, and enjoyed it quiet a lot even though we were hit with some really bad weather. That’s why we concluded that with shorter amount time (a week or so), it might be better use of time to for the roadtrip and day hikes looping around Bergen and Oslo like you have drawn out. But if you have 2 weeks or so, Lofoten might be better. I’ve got our trip report up on my webpage ( if you are interested.

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