West Coast Trail reservations start Jan 9, 2017

Our #1 hike in the world is the West Coast Trail.



  • wctma75 km (47 mi), 5-7 days traditional route
  • 3-5 day routes possible via Nitinat
  • southwestern edge of Vancouver Island
  • Pacific Rim National Park
  • Permits required May 1 – September 16 September 30
  • extremely rugged, requires a high level of fitness
  • 6,000+ backpackers / year
  • permits limited and in high demand — WCT Trail reservations
  • … most expensive hiking permit in Canada

4 Replies to “West Coast Trail reservations start Jan 9, 2017”

  1. Rick,

    I enjoy reading you blog and many times I save in hopes of reading later. Last night I remembered this post. Though I had not invested much time looking at the WCT before, I was intrigued 2 years ago when I drove along the coast. Anyhow, I made a reservation this morning for this summer and wanted to thank you for sending out the blog which helped me greatly! I am really looking forward to backpacking along this trail! I appreciate your articles and am glad you share with others!


    Kris Harken Seattle, WA

    Sent from my iPhone


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