Grand Canyon – Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop

Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop is one of the best hikes in North America.

Epic. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch a guided trip on YouTube. (8min)

Read the trip report.

This 21.5-mile clockwise loop in Grand Canyon National Park strings together faint trails and an Eden of waterfalls and swimming holes.



The biggest problem with this adventure isn’t the navigation, it’s getting one of the few permits available. 😦

4 Replies to “Grand Canyon – Thunder River/Deer Creek Loop”

  1. Hey Rick, Thanks for posting; indeed one of the best hikes in the U.S. I led this trip in 2013 with a Sierra Club group, We hiked down to the river from Deer Creek, then bushwhacked 7 miles along the Colorado to Kanab Creek then backpacked another 20 miles up this spectacular drainage to the rim via the Sowats trail. Great hike! I created a YouTube video, that your audience would enjoy!

  2. Nice! This looks like a great trip – I’m in the market for a GC backpacking trip and this might fit the bill. I’ll be applying for a permit for Spring 2017, I was denied one for this past spring…I now know to submit ~6 months in advance!

    Also – Mitch S, I enjoyed the video, thanks!

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