UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary

Jan Dudeck has been exploring and documenting routes he calls the Greater Patagonian Trail.

Greater Patagonian Trail


Garrett Martin:

‘Unbounded’ is an adventure-travel documentary following an unaided crew of four hailing from different corners of the globe as they hike and pack-raft roughly 1,500 km through the Patagonia region of South America.

The expedition will take place from mid-December to mid-April, documenting the extreme and unique conditions in Patagonia and the surrounding area.

The crew will base their trip along the “Greater Patagonian Trail” and make they’re way to Patagonia National Park. The film will focus on discovering the indescribable factors of Patagonia, learning the history and culture of the people living in the area, and bringing to light the incredible beauty of the region – all in an effort to help raise awareness of the need to preserve this untamed, but delicate area.

A significant portion of the film’s proceeds will go towards Conservacion Patagonica to help protect and maintain this incredibly vast and beautiful landscape.


details on kickstarter

related – Reese Wells and Tyler Nachand are headed out on the GPT starting this November, as well.

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