cycle hiking Galiano Island

Cycle hiking the Gulf Islands – trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Galeano Island is 27.5 km long, 6 km at its widest point, and 1.6 km across at its narrowest point …

… population of 1258 inhabitants. …


Seeing a campground an hour out from the ferry landing at Sturdies Bay, I went to check out Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park.

Nice setup. But the cost was $25 / site for up to 4 people. I prefer the pricing model $10 / person.

So I turned my bike around and wild camped nearby.

In the morning I packed up early and rode back to the campground to make coffee. There’s a good hike there called the Gray Peninsula Trail. About 2km.





I cycled on to the Pebble Beach hike trailhead. Breakfast was cold pizza on this bench.


You reach the coast at Cable Bay. Then saunter over to Pebble Beach.






On a trail map it looked like I could cycle a mountain bike trail to Laughlin lake, the largest body of water on Galiano. That’s a bit risky on a hybrid bike. Happily, it worked.



Here I was confused. My 3 different maps disagreed on whether or not Bodega Beach Drive went through to the end of the island. I found one direction dead ended. But the other direction finished at a “private road”.

What the heck? I slid my bike under this barrier. And continued.


Surprise surprise. I ended up where I had wanted to go all along – Dionisio Point Provincial Park. Named after a Spanish explorer.

This time I needed to lift my (very heavy) bike over a barrier.


Seems ownership of that now private road is in dispute.

Dionisio Point Provincial Park … features rocky headlands flanked by sandy beaches and picturesque bays. Overlooking Porlier Pass, this park is accessible by boat only and provides opportunities for walk-in camping, fishing, boating, kayaking, wildlife viewing and scuba diving. …

The highlight of Galiano, for me.


I walked around Dionisio Point as it was low tide.




Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Four guys in this boat arrived for a picnic. Boat and kayak are the best ways to get to Dionisio.


I returned via the dead end Bodega Beach Drive seeing only 2 vehicles in 3 hours. An ideal place to cycle.

The best hike on the island was yet to come – Bodega Ridge.

Bodega started much like any other hike, a welcoming soft temperate rain forest trail.


The fun starts when you get up on the ridge. A steep drop with marvellous views.




Galiano was a hard day for me. I could barely keep my eyes open on the ferry to Pender.


I’d like to return one day. Kayak to camp at Dionisio. And climb Mt Galiano, the highest point on the island.

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