Choquequirao trek Peru, independently

Stingy Nomads:

Choquequirao is quite big, you need at least one full day to explore it.

… buildings with steep roofs, terraces, massive walls.

… views to the valley and canyon from the ruins are stunning, specially at the sunset.

What we really liked about Choquequirao is its quietness, in all day we saw 6 people, you have ruins all to yourself. Unfortunately Peruvian government is planning to build a cable car all the way to the ruins, it’ll bring a lot of money for the region which is good, but at the same time will destroy unique atmosphere. …

Choquequirao trek without a guide, independently




3 Replies to “Choquequirao trek Peru, independently”

  1. Hi, For a different perspective and a different time of year, I wrote a series of posts for the Choquequirao hike done in September of 2015.
    Overview –
    Day 1 –
    Day 2 –
    Day 3 –
    Day 4 –
    September is the end of high season, warmer and sees more tourists. Still there are much fewer than at more popular sights such as Machu Picchu. I do agree that this trail is easy to follow and can be done on your own. You can also hire a mule and guy to tend it in Cachora. I’m very glad we did, especially when climbing in the heat back to Capuliyoc.

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