top 10 treks in the world – 5 months?

Want a grand challenge?

We are looking for an adventurer to try to complete our top 10 hikes of the world in one continuous walking holiday.

We reckon you could start in June and comfortably finish in November with this itinerary:

Top-10Ausangate Circuit, Peru
West Coast Trail, BC, Canada
Sunshine to Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada
Glacier North Circle, Montana, USA
John Muir Trail, California, USA
Haute Route (Chamonix-Zermatt), Alps
Otter Trail, South Africa
Everest Base Camp / 3 Passes, Nepal
Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand
Overland Track, Tasmania

That’s one round-the-world extravaganza!

Throw in  the Huayhuash Circuit in Peru, at the beginning for extra bragging rights.

5 Replies to “top 10 treks in the world – 5 months?”

  1. Interesting thought (not that I’ve got the time off work)

    What would you estimate the total cost of traveling between locations and how many of those destinations require advanced planning (permits, food caches, etc)

  2. Crow asked:

    “How many miles do you figure it would it be total?

    So you figured it out that a person could do all these treks and hit them at the best time? What sort of conditions would a person encounter?”

    Not sure of the total mileage.

    John Muir Trail would be the most demanding “hike”. Kilimanjaro is very HIGH.

    In the end, altitude sickness would be the greatest hazard.

    The suggested schedule gets you to each hike at least at a REASONABLE time of the year.

    Hiker Rick

  3. COST?

    Lets ballpark it:

    $2000 – Around the World air ticket

    $1200 – additional air tickets and ground transport

    $5400 – 180 days @ $30 / day average

    $1400 – additional gear

    Lets say MINIMUM US$10,000.

    More likely $13k.

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