wikiexplora Best Hikes of the World

wikiexplora reviewed 9 top hiking books:

  • Book 1: A Journey along the World’s Great Treks by Jeff Salvage and Kirk Markus


From those, they arrived at their own top 10:

1 Chile Torres del Paine Trek, Patagonia
2 Perú Inca Trail
3 Tanzania Mt. Kilimanjaro
4 France-Italy-Switzerland Haute Route
5 Nepal Everest Base Camp
6 New Zealand Routeburn track, Fiordland-Mount Aspiring Nationals Parks, South Island
7 Pakistan Snow Lake/Biafo-Hispar/Lupke La Region
8 Pakistan Baltoro glacier / Concordia
8 India Zanskar river, Ladakh
10 USA Kaibab trail, Grand Canyon (Rim-to-Rim), Arizona

I wouldn’t consider their methodology foolproof. Just because the Inca Trail is famous, doesn’t mean it’s one of the top hiking experiences of the world.

Only the Haute Route and Everest are on our top 10 list.

Still, it’s worth clicking through. Check the next 40 hikes as well as honourable mentions.

Best Treks and Hikes of the World, Top 100 (Methodology)

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