Chili volcanos – Villarrica Traverse day 5

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles 

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Laguna Avutardas > Pucón

We set the alarm for first light. Planned to get out as quickly as possible to avoid horseflies. Happily we didn’t suffer many this day.


A shaded and green exit.


Civilization. Of sorts.


You walk the final few kms on another disused road.

On reaching the highway we managed within minutes to hitchhike to the next town. The driver asked a few dollars which I was happy to pay.


On arrival in Curarrehue we again had to wait just a few minutes before departing on the local bus for Pucón.


Back at the hostel I dried my gear. Repacked for the next hike.


It was a hot and fabulous day in town, most tourists getting sunburned at the beach.



I wandered town on this our last day taking photos.


The last eruption was 1971, lava almost reaching the town.




We ate bread and cheese. Chatted with the Banff Mountain Film Festival organizer for South American in the evening. Talked past and future travel.

Farewell Pucón. 🙂

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