DAY 4 Sierra Nevada Traverse

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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The night had been calm and MUCH warmer than the previous two. I actually got some sleep.


Josh was reading Into the Wild.


Civilization was in sight. We were confident of being able to catch the bus back to Granada, a day later than we had originally planned.


Once we no longer needed trail navigation, there were dozens of signs.


The promised clean water was finally available.


We were already starting to forget about the cold and wind.


In fact, sun and wind burn were our main concerns. We were back in southern Spain. 🙂


It was a treat to get to Lanjarón village.


Nearly out of food, we loaded up with treats. And enjoyed coffee at a pleasant restaurant until the bus arrived to return us to Granada.

Instead of the anticipated 45km / 3 day hike … ours was 65km over 4 days. We cursed Lonely Planet loudly.

Sadly, we never saw a single Ibex.

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