my hiking gear 2015

by besthike editor Rick McCharles

I’ve not changed my system much over the past 10yrs. Here’s how it works.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (Packing my pack. 2009)

That up-to-50litre pack (.54kg | 1lbs 3oz), a Granite Gear Virga, was named by the Gear Junkie in 2007 on the list of Greatest Gear of 5 Years.

Using a therm-a-rest as a backpack “frame” was first suggested to me by Kraig Becker, of The Adventure Blog and Gadling.

Granite Gear Virga backpack with Therm-a-Rest frame
Granite Gear Virga backpack with Therm-a-Rest frame


I’m just packing for the Sunshine Coast Trail starting next week. Five days minimum. Probably more. But with chances to resupply.

High Divide - 1 (1)

Sleeping system: MSR Hubba tent, down sleeping bag, silk sleeping bag liner, 3/4 length therm-a-rest, dry bag stuff sack “pillow”, headlamp.

Outdoor clothes: unlined long pants, wicking t-shirt, Gortex jacket, long brim baseball cap. Two pairs of long socks. Two pairs of quick dry underwear. Two bandanas. One Buff. Well tested approach shoes.

Camp clothes: Wool t-shirt. Fleece. Crocs. Tent socks.

Food: Large bear bag, spoon, stove, extra fuel canister. (Start with 5 days grub. Mostly coffee, candy, instant mashed potatoes, instant soup, tuna in a bag.)

Drink: Water bottle, 2 litre soft drink bottle, purification tablets.

Entertainment. Paperback, plenty of audio books on iPhone.

Photography. Camera, extra AA batteries, MacBook Air with power adapter.

Toiletries: Toilet paper, lighter, disinfectant gel, Camp Suds.

Personal items in hip pack: Cash, sun screen, note pad, pen, asperin, mini-toothpaste, mini-toothbrush, mobile phone, etc.


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