NEW – Three Capes Track, Tasmania

The official website says it will open November 2015.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service’s largest and most ambitious track project, the Three Capes Track, will be a world class, multi-day walking experience on the Tasman Peninsula along a track up to 82 km in length.

The track will showcase Cape Raoul, Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy as well as stunning natural features and scenery including dolerite cliffs and ocean views. …

Parks and Wildlife Tasmania

Cape Pillar Peninsula from the Blade (Photo courtesy of Stuart Gibson)
Cape Pillar Peninsula from the Blade
(Photo courtesy of Stuart Gibson)

You can either walk the route independently or sign up for a fully guided experience provided by a commercial operator.

What will set this track apart from the many multi-day hikes in Australia is the standard of public facilities available. The walk will include huts at up to three sites with mattresses and cooking facilities, reducing the amount of things you’ll need to lug in your rucksack. Bye bye camping stove and fuel, tent and sleeping mattress. After trekking past the tallest sea cliffs in Australia and awe-inspiring ocean views, walkers will be snuggling down on a soft bed.

Lonely Planet – The world’s hottest new travel experiences for 2015

2 Replies to “NEW – Three Capes Track, Tasmania”

  1. I was in the 7th group to complete this walk. Indeed, this was a fantastic walking experience. As advertised, the walk is not about getting from point A to point B… it is about the journey. There is plenty of time to enjoy the 40+ “story seats” and other art pieces along the way… all of which tell a story of Tasmania’s natural, maritme, and convict history. Standing on the peak of The Blade on Cape Pillar was thrilling. The view at the end of Cape Hauy was spectacular. The infrastructure to support this walk is top notch, from transportation to/from the start/end, hut accommodations, ranger presence, and track design and build. Well done!
    Robin, Los Angeles

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