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Having just completed 14 days on the popular Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu Nepal route, We’ve added a Langtang trek information page for those who might want to do Langtang in the future.

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One of the best hikes in the world


4000m+ valley north of Kathmandu, parallel to the Tibet border.

Plenty of challenging side trips up high.


  • Nepal

    minimum 100km (60mi) return

  • plus sidetrips
  • 8-11 days
  • Langtang National Park established 1970 in the Langtang Region, first National Park in Nepal
  • majority of hikers in the Langtang region hire a guide, porter guide and/or porters but it’s  easy to hike independently
  • sleep and eat in basic lodges (tea houses)
  • mid-October to mid-December best months
  • beginning of March to mid-May next best. (Laurabina pass on the nearby Gosainkund trek MIGHT stay closed until early May. Many Langtang trekkers do Gosainkund after Langtang.)
  • the reputation is “generally easy hiking” on good trails with a light pack. Some  challenging, potentially dangerous sidetrips possible.
  • it is easier than the other main trekking areas of Nepal in that maximum altitude is lower
  • Langtang trails are not expensive, but many spend more than they anticipate on luxuries. We spent about $30/day in 2014. Cheapskates about $20/day.
  • be clear — you might have to QUIT if by bad luck or rushed ascent you suffer altitude sickness (Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS).
  • some suffer respiratory problems. Headaches. Or fatigue.

Why We Like This Hike

  • mighty peaks of Langtang (7234m) and Ganesh (7446m) as well as a sprawl of endless 6000m+ summits
  • sacred lakes of Gosainkund in the nearby Helambu region
  • wonderful photographic opportunities
  • colourful Hindu, Buddhist and mountain cultures


Langtang trek information page

It’s always available from the pulldown menu under ASIA.

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