Sunshine Coast Trail

Have you heard of the Sunshine Coast Trail?


… a 180-kilometre trail that stretches from Sarah Point in Desolation Sound to Saltery Bay. …

… this epic trail now boasts (12 shelters) …, making it the only free hut-to-hut hiking experience in Canada. …

newmapmore maps

The huts are basic. First come, first served. I’ll carry a tent, just in case.

Tinhat hutSCTguidebook_v4No fees. No registration. Easy access from multiple trailheads means you can resupply en route. Logistics will be easy. It’s coastal and fairly flat – aside from 3 mountain ascents of about 4000 feet.

I bought the guidebook by Eagle Walz. It looks great.

Check the Facebook page for another bookA Dream of Giants: the story of the Sunshine Coast Trail

The soonest I could do all or part of the SCT is summer 2015. Leave a comment if you are interested. This is a terrific excuse to visit the Sunshine Coast of Canada.

sunshine-coast-mapOne more thing.

There’s a paddling route roughly in parallel with a large section of the Sunshine Coast Trail. From Shinglemill to Canoe Main. Hikers could switch to canoes or kayaks for a break from the trail, or meet up with paddlers at designated campgrounds. Portage is required.

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