new – “Natural Annapurna Trekking Trail”

Here’s the BIG question when it comes to  famed Annapurna:

ramblin’ boy – Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit: Is It Still Worth Doing?

I trekked Annapurna in 2013, staying mainly on the traditional “roads” on foot and mountain bike.

But I now wish I had an electronic version of this new book by Andrées de Ruiter and Prem Rai. They are documenting the NEW Annapurna trail, avoiding the worst of the motor roadways.

NATT Annapurna

Trekking in the Annapurna area along the new NATT – trails which avoid the road. [Kindle Edition]

It includes Annapurna round / circuit, Tilicho lake, Annapurna Panorama trek & Poon Hill, Annapurna Basecamp trek ABC and the new Khopra Danda and Mardi Himal trek.

Or, you can check out an older (free) PDF version before you buy the new one.

Here’s the road near Chame under construction in 2013.


more on our Annapurna information page

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