porter deaths Papau New Guinea

You’ve heard of the famed Kokoda Track.

But have you heard of the new alternative, the 6-day Black Cat Track?


The Black Cat Track is closed, and no one—not Koyu up in Kaisinik or anyone in Lagui—thinks it will open anytime soon. The region remains tense. …

Last September, a trekking company’s guided trip through the wilds of Papua New Guinea was shattered when machete-wielding men attacked the native porters, killing two on the spot and injuring many more. The motive appeared to be robbery, but Carl Hoffman knew something else was at work—ancient tribal patterns of violence that, he knew, would inevitably be avenged.

Outside – CARL HOFFMAN – Murder and Revenge in Papua New Guinea

Seems the killers were 3 brothers, one of them nicknamed Rambo, career criminals who’d done jail time for robbery and murder.

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