my wool shirt has a HOLE

I was really enjoying my first wool shirt for hiking and travel. But I found a hole in it after only a few months in rotation.

Is wool not durable?

Let’s try it again.

I first bought an inexpensive MEC Merino crew (US$54)

And will also carry an Icebreaker Tech T Lite SS Mt. Blanc. (US$70)

Perfect for travel, this versatile tee is made from our thin, light 150gm merino wool to keep you cool in the heat–and takes up next to no room in the suitcase.

Wish me luck.

2 Replies to “my wool shirt has a HOLE”

  1. Been using the Icebreaker T-shirts on the Camino, since then I don’t want anything else anymore. I can wear them a whole week, and no smelly armpits 😉

  2. I loved my (expensive) Icebreaker t-shirt too but it developed two holes in the front which has spoilt it. My friend also has an Icebreaker and found the same thing happened.

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