Kilimanjaro – Machame route

Once again I’m looking to climb Kili.

The last thing I want to do is sleep in the Marangu huts. I much prefer tenting.

Of the options tenting, Machame is most popular.  6-7 days, 49km. Less expensive.

Kyle McLaughlin recommends it.

What guiding company should I sign on with?

Kyle likes African Walking Company and Ultimate Kilimanjaro. They charge $2,000 to $3,500 per climber. Mid-range.

Here are the Ultimate Kilimanjaro trips for autumn 2014.

African Walking Company does not seem to have an easy-to-browse calendar. I emailed them. UPDATE: They got back to me by email, a 7-day trip starting Aug 26th costs $1850. … Those dates are not likely to work for me.

More recommended Kili trek operators.

Though you can climb year round, the main dry season is July to October.

I’ve got the gear.

Leave a comment if you have any recommendations for me.

2 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro – Machame route

  1. Hi Rick, I love your website. I’ll never get to hike all the places you’ve been but it sure is nice seeing them and dreaming about it. I climbed with Ultimate Kilimanjaro this summer. Fabulous time on the mountain and great, friendly people. My guides and staff were amazing and deserve alot of credit for doing this day in and day out, and still have such passion for helping us. I did the Lemosho route, which is kind of like Machame but a day longer, which is good for altitude. But both Machame and Lemosho are gorgeous routes. I look forward to seeing you climb Kili. All the best, my friend.

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