Giant’s Cup Trail, Drakensberg – day 2

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

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Between low clouds, the morning dawned blue, sunny, HOT.



This was the prettiest of the three days.




This day I again saw a “wild dog” with one or two young ones. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to zoom the camera in time.

Locals told me they were most likely hyena.

I covered up from the strong sun.




Arriving Winterhoek hut under the trees.

Hikers are advised to lock everything up against baboon and eland.



I had lunch here, in the shade.


My biggest problem on the Giant’s Cup was the strong January sun. Locals thought I was crazy to be hiking in the hot, rainy season. I rested at as many shady spots as possible.


I was surprised not to see more Dassie. This was one of the few I spotted.


Late afternoon I slapped at something biting me under my pants. Turned out I’d killed a tic, the first that had ever bitten me. Contrary to common wisdom, I’d kicked it. After that I was quite ‘tic vigilant’. They can carry disease.


I arrived Swiman hut at dusk, quite exhausted. Too exhausted to set up my tent, I crashed into a bunk. After I enjoyed a HOT SHOWER.

Again I was the only hiker in the hut that night.

I did see a caretaker next morning on my way out.

more photos from this day

day 1 | day 2 | day 3

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