West Coast Trail day 5

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

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Morning was, again, misty.


We enjoyed one of the better toilets here, however.


Sawdust does help reduce odour.

Seems the expensive solar composting toilets (used in the past) are no longer “must have” technology.

Hicham dressing for battle.


We faced the most dangerous section of the West Coast Trail — dread Adrenaline Surge.


Our arrival was perfectly timed for low tide.

Two choices. Down and back up? … Or scramble around?


We opted to stay high rather than risk a freak wave flushing us out to sea. That had happened to a friend of ours in the past. (She was washed back into the Surge on the next wave. And pulled to safety.)


All 11 made the traverse safely. But it was very, very slippery.

If not confident in your agility, take the inland route, instead.


On the other hand, in good conditions, at low tide, the coast can be like a sidewalk. Sandy and myself ALWAYS voted to take the coastal route. Vistas are magnificent.

The first word that comes to mind when describing the WCT is … LADDERS.


There are MANY. Some are LONG and STEEP.


This is no adventure for those afraid of heights.


The second word that comes to mind is … RAIN.





The WCT is no place for those afraid of slipping on wet surfaces.

Nor those who don’t like to get dirty.


Actually, we had only a few hours of rain. This was a relatively dry week on the Wet Coast Trail.

Any idiot can hike when it’s dry. It takes experience and expertise to enjoy camping in the rain.


I insisted we finish off my booze.


Good night.

more photos from this day

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