West Coast Trail day 4

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles.

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Another misty morning on the West Coast Trail.


Look! That head has a tree growing out of it. 🙂


Happy hikers at the Carmanah Point Light Station.



Warren’s happy too. He knows Chez Monique’s is close.


This was the 4th time over the past 14yrs that I’ve enjoyed this Beach restaurant. This time I took the opportunity to hang out with the Quebecois founder. Still feisty after all these years.



I learned of a new service. The restaurant will transfer 40 pounds of your food by boat for $35. You pick up that package when you get to Chez Monique’s. I’m not sure who to contact to arrange that transfer, however.

One of our best moments was hiking through tens of thousands of gulls.


Of our 11 hikers, only 4 were brave enough to scramble the river inland to see the Canada’s tallest tree, the Carmanah Giant, at 95.836 m (314 ft). It’s the tallest Sitka Spruce in the world, too.


A fair bit of boulder hopping was required to keep our feet dry.


I left a Summit Stone in tribute.

Another day, more superb and varied hiking.





Some of our group reached Camp via the inland route. Some took the shore.


One of the great joys of coastal hiking is the evening fire.

Bill collecting deadfall
Bill collecting deadfall

It’s not always easy to find dry wood, however.


more photos from this day

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