Manaslu Circuit, Nepal

by site editor Rick McCharles

The Manaslu Trek (or Manaslu Circuit Trek) is a 14-day tea-house trek which circumnavigates the 8th highest peak in the world (8,156m).

Manaslu sunrise

The trek has all the elements of other treks in Nepal including both Hindu and Buddhist culture, protected wildlife, rhododendrons and wild flowers, raging rivers, precarious bridges and stunning mountain scenery.

The trek is much easier than it used to be with greatly improved trails along the Budi Gandaki river gorge. In terms of difficulty, it is comparable with the Annapurna Circuit Trek or Everest Base Camp trek. Its highlight is undoubtedly the spectacular unhindered views of Manaslu. …


Two of us plan to try this high altitude trek starting Nov. 7th. It’s touted the NEW Annapurna Circuit, the old Annapurna having been degraded by road construction. 😦

Guy Shachar posted the best almost independent (hired guide/porter, carried their own packs) trip report (2011) I’ve seen:

  • Manaslu Circuit Trek- Around Manaslu Trek – detailed itinerary and trail description

  • Manaslu Circuit Trek- Around Manaslu Trek – General Information
  • Manaslu

    More of Guy’s photos

    … Until recently the trek used require camping, but building of tea-houses means the trek can be completed using local accommodation. …

    When trekking through the Manaslu region, ten peaks of over 6,500 metres (21,300 ft) in height are visible, including peaks of over 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) elevation. …


    We plan to go very lightweight. Quite fast. Perhaps 11 days.

    We carry our own packs. Have no fixed itinerary. Our guide carries his own gear. We pay his costs — including insurance. Rate is $25 / day.

    A private car to the trailhead costs at least $120. We’ll take the bus both ways.

    Altitude acclimatization is easy on this trip. You start at Arughat 600m and work slowly and steadily up to crossing Larkya La 5135m. Of course if anyone suffers altitude sickness signs, it’s easy to quickly backtrack.



    We’re not likely to make many sidetrips.

    Wish us luck. 🙂


    5 thoughts on “Manaslu Circuit, Nepal

    1. Excellent photos. Looks a very interesting trek, and good that it now has tea houses as I think at my age my camping days are over. Will definitely check this one out. Thanks for the info. Andy.

    2. Sounds incredible! Adding this trek to my life list… I’m a newbie when it comes to adventures like this, but before I die, I’ll see the mountains in Nepal!

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