Kuari Pass trek – day 6

by site editor Rick McCharles

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We arose at first light last morning, the coldest yet.

dawn - Kuari day 6

dawn - Kuari day 6-2

frost - Kuari day 6

Our adopted dog was quick to the fire.

dog warming up - Kuari day 6

last morning Camp - Kuari day 6

Nanda Devi - Kuari day 6

I’d have to rate the day before and the two days after Kuari as about as good as hiking gets.

pack mule - Kuari day 6

Kuari day 6

Kuari day 6-2

Kuari day 6-3

Kuari day 6-4

Kuari day 6-5

Our guide was happy to get back to mobile phone service. He confirmed out pick-up time.

Kuari day 6-7

phone service reached - Kuari day 6

We wandered lazily down through huge alpine meadows. Please that the trek had been a success.

Kuari day 6-8

Reaching this Hindu Temple having connection to great epic Ramayana means you’ve almost completed the Kuari.

Hindu Temple - Kuari day 6

We finished at the Auli Ski Resort, India’s finest. (Ski Jan-March.) Asia’s longest Cable Car (4km) is a must. The road to get there is deadly. This was one of the hosts of the 1st South Asian Winter Games in 2011.

Auli ski lift - Kuari day 6

Auli - Kuari day 6

Auli - Kuari day 6-2

Our driver was waiting just outside the gates. 🙂

Red Chili van at Auli - Kuari day 6

It was 10hrs back to Rishikesh with a hotel stop en route.

The most dangerous aspect of Himalaya trekking by far is the drive to and from the trailheads. Washouts and landslides are frequent.

road wash out near Joshimath Kuari day 6

road wash out near Joshimath Kuari day 6-2

OK. The giant spider we found awaiting us at our (Le Meadows) Hotel room might look even scarier. 🙂

BIG spider at hotel - Kuari day 6
Before the trek I knew about the June flooding, but not exactly how bad it had been. More than 5700 dead. 😦

One of the 4 Holy Hindu mountain temples, nearby Kedarnath, was inundated with water, mud and boulders from landslide.  Several died from drowning or being crushed by stampeding pilgrims.

Yet the roads were back to “normal” by October.

See all high resolution photos from this day.


If you might be interested in trekking Kuari yourself, start with our Kuari Trek information page. 🙂


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