Kuari Pass trek – day 2

by site editor Rick McCharles

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Packing up next morning I was surprised to find that we’d added 2 more pack animals. They carried feed for our 4 mules.

Kuari day 2-2

Kuari day 2

So two helpless “Sahibs” needed an Expedition Team of 4 men (guide, cook, 2 mule drivers). A minimum of 4 beasts. This morning, 6 beasts.

To walk.

Dogs hang about Camps waiting on the compost.

Kuari day 2-3

Seems they’ll eat anything except citrus peel and onions.

Up and up.

Kuari day 2-4

We passed many villages. All seemingly prosperous and well maintained.

Kuari day 2-5

Grazing is critical. Stone fences seem to demarcate who grazes where. But I’m not sure those boundaries are often contested.

Kuari day 2-6

We saw a number of the great birds of India.

The Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier) soared above and below us for much of the trip.

Kuari day 1-4

Our guide urged us to drink as much water as possible as we acclimatized to altitude.

Kuari day 2-8

On arrival at our night’s Camp we were surprised by a freak hail storm.

Kuari day 2-10

Kuari day 2-12

The larger 2-man, 4-season tent was provided by Red Chilli.

But I used my own 1-man tent instead. Alf got the Tent Mahal for himself. 🙂

Kuari day 2-11

We Sahibs read in our tents while our Team got a fire started with wet wood.

Kuari day 2-13

You’ve got to be ready for anything in the Himalaya.

Kuari day 2-14

See all high resolution photos from this day.

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