Kuari Pass trek – day 1

by site editor Rick McCharles

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Excited to get started, the day broke clear as it did every day. October through December are normally the clearest skies for hiking.

Kuari day 1

Rivers are major obstacles in the Himalaya. Many bridges are being “improved”.

Kuari day 1-2

We stopped for Chai at a lovely village, friends of our guide.

Kuari day 1-8

Kuari day 1-9

Kuari day 1-10

Kuari day 1-3

Kuari day 1-7

Women work hard in the mountains. It’s almost impossible to find one resting at any given moment.

Kuari day 1-12

Kuari day 1-5

Foreigners are regular visitors at this home. The ladies tried to convince this little one that we were friendly.

Kuari day 1-11

We chatted with two young women home for the Soy bean harvest. One had a Bachelor of Arts. The other was in first year University.

Our guide, Anil Panwar, insisted that the men of the Himalaya work hard, as well. But I wasn’t convinced.

Kuari day 1-13

We set Camp next to a school.

Kuari day 1-14

Kuari day 1-15

A Saturday, exams had just finished. The kids had Dhal Bhat for lunch. Then most ran off home.

Several hung around to play. Anil led them in some Yoga.

Kuari day 2-2

Kuari day 2-3

There are many things the mountain people don’t understand about foreigners.

Kuari day 2

For example, why do white men need a “toilet tent”?

Kuari day 1-16

Embarrassed at the extravagance, that was the only campsite we used it.

See all high resolution photos from this day.

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