amazing GERMAN sky, not Irish

I was bamboozled. … Sorry about that.

original post:

Google Earth Pics:

Heavens Trail – A place in Ireland where every two years the stars line up with this path

Ireland sky

Photographer Thomas Zimmer tells the true story:

… It was at the west coast of the island Sylt, North Sea. …

That’s Germany, not Ireland.

I walked over the dunes and took the wooden stairs down. I took a last look back. An amazing view showed up. The Milky Way was right above the stairs. But I was so exhausted, hungry and cold. I almost wanted to give up, but then I made a last effort, and tried a final shot.

It looked good, but something was missing there. I first tried to light up the stairs with the flashlight. Looked better, but not what I wanted. It needed a human being in the image. Unfortunately, nobody was there for miles except me. So i set up the self timer, fired it and run up the stairs with the flashlight on. On top, I shut off the light and tried to stand still for 30 seconds, the exposure time. …

The making of „My God, it’s full of stars“

Thanks Dana.


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