PCT day 1 – Mexican border to Lake Morena

trip report by editor Rick McCharles

Everyone was excited to get to the Mexican border, the start of the Pacific Crest Trail.

hikers Mexico

Trail angels drove clean hikers here the 20 miles from ADZPCTKO 2013. (Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off)

Rick Mexico

The infamous fence between Mexico and the USA was less impressive than I expected.

fence Mexico

A savvy coyote would dress his illegals in hiking clothing. And tell them to march north on the PCT.

Lovely scenery to start. Much greener than you’d think.


Interesting and colourful desert vegetation.


I dropped a Summit Stone conspicuously on this rock. This trail will be super busy only for about 3 days.

Summit Stone

The first 15 miles seemed easy, the heat not a problem this day.

… Then we got a look at these switchbacks.


I cooled my feet and psyched for the climb.

cool feet

A second wind got me up there. But well meaning angels had left BEER at mile 18.


Smarter hikers than me resisted.

I had to drag myself the last 2 miles to camp. Where free and delicious dinner welcomed.

free dinner

The hot shower was much appreciated. I slept early.

more photos


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