day 5 – Otter Trail, South Africa

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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Last day, early morning, climbing out of the tent, I glanced up to see the Marques family high up on the cliff.


A few minutes later, there they were up on a further viewpoint.

family 2


… I’m not all that ready to leave the Otter Trail. 😦

Andre huts

cliff view

I caught up with the Marques just before dropping down to the Groot River and Nature’s Valley.

family Natures Valley

beach 1

Instead of bright sunshine, we had a few drops of rain. The first significant rain in 5 days.

beach 2

beach 3

The longest 2km were on pavement to the only restaurant in Nature’s Valley.


Otter Trail certificates are available there. And you’ll be offered a traditional ‘shot’ to celebrate.

There are hostels in Pleasant Valley, served by the Baz Bus. But I caught a ride back to the start, Storms River. Scott and family had decided to stay there one more night.

Cost for that shuttle was about 150 Rand / person. ($16)

I collected my stored luggage at the National Parks office. And shared a hot shower with this mantis.


We saw friendly vervet monkeys there, as well.

I’ll never forget the Otter Trail, one of the best hikes in the world. A life changer.

Rick on the otter trail

If you’re interested in hiking the Otter Trail yourself, check our information page.

more of my photos from day 5

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