day 2 – Otter Trail, South Africa

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

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Day 2 = 7.9km (± 4 hours) – Ngubu huts to Scott huts


Easy day. No rush.

I stopped often to read and contemplate.


At one conspicuous rocky outlier — the Skilderkrans Quartz Promontory — I left a Summit Stone.

summit stone

This place is remote.

Looking back.
looking back

Looking ahead.
looking ahead

You’d swear you were alone on a lonely coast.

Yet there are emergency escape routes all along the Otter marked E for Evacuation.

escape route

I caught up with the Marques family stopped for lunch and a swim.


Like so many similar coastal hikes, the water is stained with tannin.

water tannin

That’s not dangerous to drink. But it does have an interesting flavour. 🙂

At one time, the trail was much better signed for distance.

Otter KM signage

Many of those have gone missing over the years.

I’ve got this trip tagged jungle.


In many parts it’s impassable without following human or game trails. Dense fynbos is the natural shrubland or heathland vegetation unique to this part of the world.

This ocean is cold and choppy. That didn’t stop Scott.

swimming in ocean

The family had barbecue once again. I shared some of their chicken. And ate my usual meal — smashed potatoes.

mashed spuds

more of my photos from day 2

Sadly, I missed stopping at Bloubaai beach, the recommended lunch spot. I
a detour off the main trail.


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