Walkopedia Magazine – Spring 2013

William and Alexandra Mackesy posted the Spring 2013 edition of Walkopedia Magazine online.

Highlights from their excellent website, Walkopedia:

  • Mustang, Nepal – the world’s second best walk?
  • Icon: Pavilion, Tai Shan, China
  • Walkopedia favourite: Pindos Mountains and Vikos Gorge, Greece
  • Photo essay: Route of the Volcanoes, La Palma, Canary Islands
  • Trailblazer guides
  • The world’s best camp tucker
  • New on Walkopedia

    Scotland, Cairngorms, UK
    Glacier National Park, USA

  • Check it out – Spring 2013 edition of Walkopedia Magazine


    One Reply to “Walkopedia Magazine – Spring 2013”

    1. Walkopedia is correct for the favourite choice. Pindus mountain region is indeed astonishingly beutiful. Come to check it out.

      Greetings from Greece

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