Table Mountain, Cape Town

by site editor Rick McCharles

There are at least 30 ways up Table Mountain, one of the world’s new “seven wonders of nature“. My first visit, I took the most popular, via Platteklip Gorge.

Arriving at the Lower Cable Station, I was shocked at the long line-ups.



There was no way I was going to wait for the cable car with that mob.

Having arrived on the hop-on, hop-off City Tour bus, I needed to walk 1.5km on Tafelberg Road to one of the Platteklip trailheads.


On a fine day like this, the views back over Cape Town are amazing.


Here’s the crux, Platteklip Gorge.


No problem on a nice day.


Hikers and climbers die here every year, however. But not normally on the Platteklip Gorge route.

The flat top mountain is great for exploring. Most of the horde stay close to the Upper Cable Car station.


I looked for unique species. … Most every species was new to me.


The geology is special too.

cliff view

Finding a small commemorative crucifix, I left a Summit Stone in the same spot.


This is the top of one of the world’s longest commercial rappels. Read some reviews.


Instead I paid about 100 Rand ($12) to take the cable car down.

cable car

See more of my photos from this fantastic day hike.

Next time to Cape Town I’ll do one of the longer routes. Perhaps the new guided 5-day Hoerikwaggo Trail from Table Mountain to Cape Point.

Rick Table Mountain

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