blogging from the CDT

Frank Wall recommended Walking With Wired:

… my quest to complete hiking’s Triple Crown and more. Pacific Crest Trail (2011), Continental Divide Trail (2013) and Appalachian Trail (20??).

That’s Erin “Wired” Saver.

She’s got a terrific gear planning post. I’m particularly interested in how she intends to blog from the trail:

iPhone 5 & Lifeproof Case

There are no words to express how amazing this phone is! The newest version is super light, thin, and fast. I just got it recently and am very happy to have upgraded. The increased speed and extended battery life will be a big help for me with blogging…

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19

I have envied my friends with the Lumix wide angle lens long enough. I am quite pumped to say I have converted from my trusty little Canon PowerShot to the Lumix. It just captures so much more …


This tiny (1.4oz) and pricey ($140) little device is pure magic. … but for hiking purposes, it is perfect for transferring my beautiful photos from my Lumix camera to my iPhone so I can put high quality photos on my blog each night. The iPhone has a great camera, but not as great as the Lumix.

… At the end of the day I put my sd card in the Airstash and choose which photos I’d like to add to my iPhone for my blog. It is a bit time consuming and can only be done one photo at a time, so I only recommend this for a handful of photos each night. …


details – Updated Gear for the Continental Divide Trail

I’d replace the iPhone with an iPad mini. Use solar recharging technology.

hmm …


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