Ganden to Samye trek, Tibet

Peter Soons recommends trekking company Himalayan Leaders:

… The service was perfect, they even carried satellite phones, and foremost the cook knew his job. Group size was 4 pax and from their headquarters in Kathmandu, they called in every day to see how we were doing. …

They did this classic, one of our best hikes in Asia.

… an unforgettable 4 days to walk from Ganden to Samye in one of the most beautiful areas of Tibet. …

The Samye Monastery trek

Ganden Monastery

We trekked Ganden to Samye in 1998, independently and illegally. There were no guided tours at that time. 🙂

And we loved it.

One Reply to “Ganden to Samye trek, Tibet”

  1. I can hardly believe this post … this indeed is one of the nicest hikes in the world, for the self-sufficient … I have never heard anyone mention it. Your write-up and rating was good. It’s too bad it’s being guided now, but guess that is the way things go.

    I did it in 1987. Not sure how many “injies” had been over that route before; certainly less than 10. Ended up dancing the night away at a “dawa kokor” (full moon) festival in Samye.

    Thanks for the memories.

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