GR20 Trek Corsica – day 4

trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles

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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Surprisingly, I ended up again camping legally.

That’s Refuge de Tighjettu just above my tent.

What do you think ???

After my late arrival the previous night, crossing the Cirque of Solitude, I’d arrived at dusk. And departed early.

Tighjettu is known for it’s popularity (due to location) and ugliness.

Tighjettu trash burning
NOISY Tighjettu generator

Can you blame me for not wanting to sleep at these places?

There’s somewhat better accommodation a bit further on called Bergeries de Vallone. Since I wasn’t spending any money there, I found them unfriendly.

The walk down hill that morning was tranquil. I felt at peace.

In fact, I spent 40min studying the drama happening in a mountain stream pond, something I never do when hiking.

… The baby salamander was trying to eat the tadpole. Unsuccessfully.

The leisurely stroll ended with the trail starting the climb in the direction of Refuge de Ciottulu.

For the first and only time on the trek, I took the lower trail, saving an hour or so.

It was me and the cows down along the pretty river.

This was an amazingly mellow day compared to the 3 previous. The weather could not have been better.

This might be a mouflon, an endangered sheep. (I believe it is, though I saw dozens of the supposedly shy beasts. Fewer than a 1000 remain.)

Feeling strong, I walked until dusk. Finally setting up my tent in some tall trees.

See more annotated photos from day 4.

3 Replies to “GR20 Trek Corsica – day 4”

  1. Amazing hike and photos. Beyond my scope of endeavour now but I sure am enjoying your experience and I wish you well. The straight talk is valuable to others who follow. If anyone is dissuaded, they will make the best decision to find a more suitable trip. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe later. The skilled, experienced and capable adventurer will brace and gear up for the challenge and get the job done. Kudos to you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am really enjoying following this series of posts from Corsica! I really would like to go, and beyond knowing the name of the island I knew nothing of it.
    I looked up mouflon and it seems to look at bit more like a Big Horn Sheep. The thing you have a picture of looks a bit more like a long haired goat of some kind…

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