Ultralighter than Thou

Ryan Jordan:

Ultralight, simplicity, minimalism – these are not the goals.

So you get your pack weight down to five pounds, your possessions down to a count of 99, and your debt down to zero.

So what.

Now what?

Shouldn’t “going ultralight” be a prerequisite for some sort of greater end? I’ve read all the minimalist books, and followed all of the minimalist bloggers, and most of them seem pretty confused about the role that minimalism should play in their lives, and in the betterment of the world. …

read more – The Futility of Going Ultralight for Ultralight’s Sake

photo by Sam Haraldson on flickr

… I post this photo assuming some of those are Granite Gear packs, my choice too. … We’re cooler than you, I’m just saying. 🙂


If you’re still hiking with a 7lb expedition pack, you need not read Ryan’s post. Instead find religion here:

Alastair Humphreys – Travel light, live cheap

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