photo essay – trekking Colca Canyon, Peru

Danny Milks & Kristin Tennessen posted some terrific pics from their hike to the bottom of one of the world’s deepest canyons:

Colca Canyon, at 4,160 meters (13,648 feet) from top to bottom, is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon …

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Here’s our besthike information pageColca Canyon. And my personal trip report from 2005.

4 Replies to “photo essay – trekking Colca Canyon, Peru”

  1. Good job on your info page – very complete and accurate, along with numerous things I didn’t know – and I’ve been there!

    My son and I were there in February (also 2005?) and loved it. No condors, but also few gringos. We had no info (wish I knew of your website then) – we heard about it in Arequipa, got on the bus, got off in Cabanaconda (great place). Next morning ran down some trail to the bottom, cruised up canyon thru wonderful little farms and settlements, stumbled on that bizarre swimming pool (and took a swim), then continued up canyon until we found another trail, and powered back up in time to party the rest of the day and night at a huge festival, along with everyone else who lives in a 100 mile radius. Good stuff.

    I had no idea of any distances or elevations until I just read your info page, but my sense was the Canon del Colca route was significantly SMALLER than the Grand Canyon. That’s because the peaks tower above the start/finish point, while in the GC you start/finish at the highest point on the rim, meaning Colca Canyon is bigger but the route smaller.

    El Misti is very worth doing BTW.

      1. Nice El Misti info also. Your information is really good!

        Your $50 was well spent; when we were almost back down to the TH, saw a guided group that had just started and paid about $500 each.

        If you get back thru Colorado, please stop by and say hello.

      2. Would love to, Buzz.

        I’m off to Europe this summer, though. Not sure I’ll get to the Rockies … aside from Waterton in September.

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