An exercise proposed by Tom Mangan:

Why we hike?

… something off-the-cuff, the first thing that pops into your head, so you don’t have time to over-think it. Give yourself 15 minutes to write it, five minutes to double-check your work, then post.

• health benefits
• relaxation of disconnecting from the world and internet
beauty of the great outdoors
• hiking is relatively inexpensive
• it’s a fitness hobby I can do into my old age

I’ve been to 50 nations already. If I live long enough, I just might just get to 50 more.

… Much more eloquent than a bullet list are my hiking photos:

click thumbnails to see the photo set

3 Replies to “#whywehike”

  1. The images tell those many stories and the reasons why behind them perfectly…
    So many of my posts on my blog too are about the ‘why we do what we do out there’…

  2. Walking gives me a great opportunity to breath and stretch. Lucky enough to live near the Pyrennees in France, the view is almost always stunning and going out for a hike in the hills is good for the soul!

  3. This photo collage of hiking photos is exactly the kind of personal montage I’d like people to create on peakery.com. It reminds me a lot of the collage On http://peakery.com/about/

    An important subset of hiking, that of reaching mountain summits, is a particular obsession many have. The challenge of reaching a summit, as well as the long-term commitment required to complete a list of summits, fuels this obsession and creates a sense of achievement. A collage of jubilant summit photos sums up this feeling nicely.

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