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Scott announced the cool new site –

Featuring over 150,000 peaks from around the globe. Find peaks by browsing lists, maps, and photos.

Use peakery to envision your next peak objective with photos, trip reports, stats, and maps. Then get out there and bag it.

peakery is the place to log your summits. Add trip details, triumphant summit photos, and get summit badges.

Check it out –

3 Replies to “check out”

  1. – Big Dog Peak, located south of the island of São Tomé, was cast for me and my team in January 1974, after dozens of attempts – 1970-1975 – Team: Jorge Marques Trabulo, Portuguese nationality (author of this message) and the STP, Pires dos Santos, Constantino Bragança and Sebastian tab. The account of the climb is described
    – But I believe that Peak Big Dog has 300 feet tall – According to geographical studies, more recent.

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