climb Mt. Hallasan, Korea

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Hallasan National Park (Korean: 한라산국립공원, 漢拏山國立公園) is located in the provinces of Jeju-do, South Korea. ….

It features the highest mountain in South Korea, the shield volcano Hallasan on Jeju Island. It was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2002, and a World Heritage Site in 2007. …

At a stretch you could call Jeju the Maui of Asia. … A tourist island with palm trees, cactus, and a big central volcano.

There are 6 official hikes in the National Park:

Eorimok Trail (6.8Km 3hours)
Yeongsil Trail (5.8Km 2.5hours)
Seongpanak Trail (9.6Km 4.5hours)
Gwaneumsa Trail (8.7Km 5hours)
Donnaeko Trail (7Km 3.5hours)
Eoseungsaengak Trail (1.3Km 30minutes)

official Park website

From what I’ve read, the most scenic route to the summit (1950m) is the Gwaneumsa Trail up, Seongpanak Trail down.

Gwaneumsa has a basic campground at the start, but no bus stop. (It’s about a 4km walk in.)

Seongpanak does have a bus stop on the exit.

I’m looking to get there November 2011.

Leave a comment if you know more about this mountain.


3 thoughts on “climb Mt. Hallasan, Korea

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  2. I’m a Singaporean & would like to climb Hallasan, Gwaneumsa Trail in Jeju at end july.
    anyone can advise where is the starting point. How long itm takes. Any place to stay up there

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