10 Priorities for an Outdoor Vacation

I’ve subscribed to the The Suburban Mountaineer, editor Andrew Szalay.

Here’s one sample post:

1. Go somewhere the Blackerry and cell phone gets no signal.
2. Get up early at least once and watch the mist rise off the lake.
3. Stay up late to watch the stars, and then sleep in.
4. Hike, climb or paddle hard and finish the day with an ice cold beer.
5. Find a great vantage point, lay out the map and match each point within view to its name.
6. Cook something over an open fire.
7. Use a pocket knife for something other than opening a beer bottle.
8. Play cards with friends on a rainy day.
9. Upon reaching your destination you see a peak not too far off, look it up on your map and say “what the heck,” and go exploring.
10. In-country, cook a meal you thought you would only find in a restaurant.


Check out The Suburban Mountaineer.

One Reply to “10 Priorities for an Outdoor Vacation”

  1. I was doing well until number 10. Maybe I should improve my cooking skills.

    I’d add nude swimming in an alpine lake, then dry off in the sun. Just be aware of insects.

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