suspension bridge in Switzerland

This photo of Grant Olsen just won a contest.

… …as we stepped off the train in Lauterbrunnen on our first day, lighting struck a steel beam just a couple feet above our heads and slammed everyone to the ground! It was a fitting start to an amazing – and occasionally dangerous – trip.

As we made our way toward a gorgeous little town called  Wengwald, we noticed this suspension bridge. Upon closer inspection, it appeared no one had used it in years. I cautiously made my way out on to the bridge and was rewarded with the most awe-inspiring view of my life! My sister, Diana, snapped this photo and it’s my prized possession from our trip! …

Allie Comeau on the Sierra Trading Post blog – Winner! Weekly Adventure Photography Contest

3 Replies to “suspension bridge in Switzerland”

  1. It’s Wengwald not Wengald, quick check on google would have corrected this before posting! Actually, the bridge is on the opposite size of the valley to Wengwald and I we call them villages here not towns. There’s hardly 50 people live there! The bridge is legally only supposed to be used by those with safety clips and those using the ‘Via Ferrata’. No wonder it was dangerous!

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