horse trek Sichuan, China Sept. 2-13

My friend LittlePo, a Chinese national living in the USA, is organizing a terrific adventure.

I made a similar guided trip 13yrs ago. It was superb.

LittlePo Adventures is offering a discounted rate for Trekking Sichuan before we add this trip to our official trip database.

The cost of $1300.00 includes two nights lodging in Chengdu, one night lodging in Rilong, food, horses and horsepackers, ground transportation, park admission, some group gear (rope, protection gear, cooking stoves, fuel) and permit. Two awesome guides will be on board: one who speaks Chinese as her native language and knows the region; the other is an experienced mountain guide and photographer. Participants will get a DVD after the trip.

The trip is horse supported. Pack is light. The major challenges will be altitude (as we’ll attempt two peaks over 16,500 feet
) and weather; however the weather in September is usually pleasant. Any avid day hiker will be able to finish the trek. …

Details on

Consider adding on a flight to Tibet in September. Chengdu is the best airport to make that flight.

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