Everest trek – day 17

Last trekking day. Namche to Lukla.

by site editor Rick McCharles

It was a long but comparatively easy descent from Namche to the airport at Lukla.

The highlight was the series of suspension bridges.

I’ll miss the Buddhist culture and monuments.

But I was looking forward to a barber shave, “one of the best travel bargains in Asia”.

Are you interested in doing an independent Everest trek? … Some advice:

  • you need a minimum of 14 days. More is better.
  • acclimatization to altitude is the most serious danger
  • Oct-Dec weather is cold and clear
  • Mar-May the weather is warmer, but skies may be overcast
  • best hike is the 3 Passes, next best Everest Base Camp, third best Gokyo
  • if you fly, buy your flights Kathmandu-Lukla return in Kathmandu. You can change the date of your return, if necessary.
  • no need to bring camping gear, but warm clothing and sleeping bag are essential

Step 1 would be getting a book for planning. Both the Trailblazer and Cicerone guidebooks are excellent.

Farewell Lukla. The Everest region has the finest mountain scenery I’ve ever seen.

see all photos from day 17

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